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Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is not only one of the techniques of creating abundance in life but also an important part of basic etiquette, good manners and decency. Have you ever noticed your feelings when a person just walks away ungratefully after receiving a favor from you? NO? All right, think of it when you come across such a person the next time.

It is not uncommon for any of us to extend or receive small or big favors. Small favors such as opening a door for someone, offering a glass of water, guiding someone to the right direction on the road and so on do not cost money and often go unnoticed without attachment of much importance to them. Surely such favors are a matter of routine but if they are responded with "Thanks", they create a world. On the contrary, if they are not recognized and the person just walks away without a word, it does not leave behind a favorable or positive atmosphere. Now expand it and consider more of it.

Be grateful for everything you have

God Almighty gives us so much even without asking for it. He gives it even to those who never thank Him for anything, to the disobedient and even to those who don't even believe in Him. Don't you think we must always be grateful to Him for everything we have? Sure we should. Those who believe in religion already know it. For them it is nothing new but at times we miss it out and forget to be pay thanks. Those who understand the importance and implication of it, try to be particular about it. This is what gets them more and more, in abundance. This is now being taught as one of the techniques by mind power teachers to have abundance in live. It is also called the "Attitude of gratitude".

The technique is not difficult at all and does not require extra time or laborious exercises. All that it needs is the change in mental attitude. Simply, try to be grateful for what you have, for any favor that you receive from anyone but at the same time, don't be ungrateful for what you don't have. You would soon begin noticing the difference.

Thankful always gain, thankless always lose