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How to be less worried?

Worry and happiness are integral parts of human life; both are inbuilt and are two opposite states of mind. Most of what we do is for happiness and for our survival of course. It is a continuous struggle, but happiness is always short lived as compared to worries. Happiness may come for few minutes, few hours or few days and disappear again. The worries start with beginning of life and end up only with death. They cover the entire life span.

There are two types of causes of worries: internal causes and external causes. Internally, the worries are generated by our needs and desires, bad health, strained relationships, poverty and greed etcetera. Externally, there can be a host of causes, some of which are controllable some are not. In this article, my focus is on internal causes.

Try to be happy

Look at anyone, poor or the rich, healthy or the sick, a child, a grown up man or woman, young or old, winner or a loser; whichever category or class you look at has its own worries. None is free of them. There is always something that keeps a person worried. A child might be worried about a toy or home work, for example, whereas a teenager, young or old person, a business tycoon, a politician, a big boss and the like is worried about what matters to him or her. The only thing that varies is the nature and degree of worry but everyone feels that he/she has more problems than the others.

The question is, "Is it possible to be worry free"? Straight answer is "NO". As long as we are alive, worries will continue to be part of us. Practically, there is no zero-worry level because the needs and desires are endless; you need to eat every day, so you need to worry about that every day. There are innumerable such needs that keep you worried nearly constantly. So what should be done? Spend the life as it is and live with worries? Perhaps not but how you take those worries and handle your problems and whether you let them stress you or not is your choice. We can at least minimize them by identifying the cause, analyzing it impartially, being realistic, prioritizing our needs and desires and then making the changes at conscious level.

Remember that negative attitude and behavior generates vibrations of very low frequency that ultimately transform themselves into physical, emotional or mental symptoms and appear as disease, depression, ill temperedness and so on. Positive changes at the conscious level will begin to generate the vibrations of higher frequency, which lead to mental satisfaction and better quality of life. This is where realization of realities and determination to be calm and relaxed play their role. If you are realistic, you will be more practical and less worried than others. Remember that no body can have everything; it is against the law of nature. Take your worries, if you think they are so, as part of life and laugh them out. Don't start living with them. You can do it, if you want to. Simply try to be happy with what you have; don't worry yourself about what you don't have. Try to be content, calm and relaxed. More importantly, try to live a simpler life.

In addition to other steps that might take to reduce your worries, you can also use Reiki for the purpose. With regular self treatment, one naturally becomes more rational, realistic, calm and relaxed. Daily treatment before bedtime at night also brings comfortable sleep. Reiki does all this automatically. You can do it, if you wish to.