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Reiki and Religion – Link of Reiki with Religion

Reiki and religion are are not interconnected. Reiki is energy healing technique, not a religion or a belief system. It is not any type of magic or psychic way of healing either. Since it is different to most other healing systems and uses a non physical natural energy, some feel concerned. In fact Reiki has nothing to do with a religion except that Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki was a Japanese Buddhist, yet Reiki does not belong to Buddhism. A person who has ever introduced a healing system did belong to a particular belief system but that does not restrict the system itself to a particular faith or community. For example, homeopathy was introduced by a Christian but that does not restrict homeopathy to the Christian community. So is the case with other healing systems; none of them belongs to any particular religion unless specifically based on religious teachings. This is a simple explanation, otherwise it can be proved in many ways that Reiki has nothing to do with any religion.

Reiki is a gift of God open to all the living beings, irrespective of faith and religion. Reiki has been learnt and is being used by persons belonging all the religions, cultures and societies all over the world. Someone might explain Reiki according to his/her own perception and understanding but that does not attach Reiki to any particular religion. One does not have to believe any thing against one’s faith in order to learn and practice this wonderful system. Anyone can learn and practice Reiki and still continue to follow his/her religion. The Reiki teacher and the student, the Reiki healer and the recipient may belong to two different belief systems and still work in perfect harmony with each other like it happens in other healing systems.