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Time required to cure a disease

Time required for cure of a disease through any system depends on many factors including but not limited to nature and severity of disease, cause of disease, regularity in treatment, suitability of treatment, patient's attitude and response etc. These factors are applicable to Reiki treatment as well.

Majority (in Pakistan at least) is either not aware of Reiki or thinks of Reiki treatment after trying out all the other available systems. When everything else fails, they start looking for a Reiki healer. By that time, the disease aggravates to a dangerous or even incurable stage but they demand quick cure. It may be all right as desire but is absolutely unrealistic. One must understand that every disease cannot be cured at once. Reiki is not a magic tool that will cure everything in one or two sessions. If pathological changes have taken place, cure may take very long or may not come at all.

Reiki is not like a medicine that can be carried in a packet and used at home once, twice or thrice a day. Every healing session (analogous to a dose in physical medicine) is to be given personally by the Reiki healer. One Reiki treatment session can last from few minutes to more than an hour depending upon the gravity and nature of the problem. Number of Reiki sessions would depend on the recipient's needs and his/her response to this energy. Some cases may require only few sessions while some would require regular, daily treatment for several weeks whereas a complicated/chronic case may have to be treated regularly for much longer and several times a day. At times miraculous cure does take place but that should not be taken as routine.

It is important to understand that Reiki practitioner is only a channel for the flow of energy and is not the one who controls the energy or does the healing. Therefore, he/she cannot and should not predict the number of sessions and time for cure of any disease whether big or small. Cure or no cure is controlled by God, not by the practitioner.

One very important fact that is usually ignored and given no importance at all is the mental attitude and thought pattern of the patient. It is important to know that negative thoughts would produce negative results and only hinder the progress of cure. So not only during the treatment but even otherwise one should think positively.

Human thoughts affect every aspect of his life. Positive thoughts produce positive effects and negative thoughts produce negative effects. There is no exception. If you want positive results, change your thought in a positive direction.