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Reiki Treatment By Hands-on Method - Guidelines

Hands-on treatment is the basic method of giving Reiki treatment, which is taught in the First Degree Reiki course. It means that Reiki treatment is given by placing hands on the body of the recipient. It is done with the recipient lying on a treatment couch/table or bed fully clothed. A regular treatment session usually starts from the head and travels towards the feet by placing hands on different positions on the body. Every specific hand position has its own specific purpose, which you should know as a Reiki practitioner. You should also know which of those hand positions are essential or optional but for this article I would skip those details assuming that your Reiki teacher must have already taught you all that during your Reiki training.

It is ideal to give a full body Reiki sessions in a nice and comfortable atmosphere so that the recipient can draw full benefit from it with a relaxed mind and enjoy it. If you intend running your Reiki Clinic, have a proper treatment couch/table on which the recipient can lie down comfortably. If the time available is too short, Reiki can still be given because some Reiki is better than no Reiki at all.

For a full body Reiki session, you should apply all the hand positions but at times you may skip a particular hand position depending on the situation and that would not make a session incomplete. There are several points that the practitioner needs to keep in mind before commencement of a regular full body session, during and even after the session. For example, you must wash your hands before the session because you are going to place the hands on the face of the recipient. Wash the hands even after the session because the last hand position is on the feet. During the session your own position/posture should also be comfortable so that you do not get tired unnecessarily.

At times people ask for demonstration of a Reiki session. Reiki practitioner should try to educate the people who ask for a stage performance and explain to them how Reiki works and how does the healing take place. You should explain to them how the treatment is given but also remember that Reiki is meant for healing not for stage performance. A Reiki treatment session is not a magical show. Clear their misconceptions and use Reiki to heal the people not impress them.

Important Notes:

  • Do not attach yourself with results, that is, do not expect specific results.
  • Remember that every individual is different and so is every healing session. No two sessions are alike. Even in apparently similar cases, the results are not likely to be the same because every person responds to the energy differently.