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What is Learning Reiki?

Question: It is said that Reiki is present in every human being by birth. If it is so, why everyone cannot use it by himself and what is meant by learning Reiki?

Reiki creates harmony and balance

Answer: It is true that everyone is though born with Reiki but at the same time, this is also true that everyone is not born with the ability to use Reiki at will. This ability has to be acquired whether through own effort (like Dr. Mikao Usui did) or through a Reiki teacher. After Dr. Usui acquired this ability, he started teaching the others. As a Reiki teacher he not only transferred this ability to many others but also trained sixteen of them as teachers with the ability to further pass it on. Those teachers in turn trained others to not only First and Second Degree Reiki healers but also up to Reiki Masters, which are also called Reiki teachers. Thus expanding exponentially and traveling form person to person, it reached us. When the ability is transferred by a Reiki teacher through a process called attunement, techniques to use it are also taught. This whole process is called learning Reiki.

Some people think that it is not necessary to learn Reiki from a Reiki teacher. One can acquire this ability through meditations etc. Absolutely true! If Dr. Usui learned it himself, why can’t we? Sure we can but we have to find the method Dr. Usui used through his own effort of many years. He taught many others but did not reveal the method he used. So we have to do it our self. If someone can do it, it would be great.

There is no limit to objections; one can object anything but the fact is that can we do everything our self? Take a small example of wheat. Can everyone grow his own wheat or make his own cloth rather than buying from the market? If someone can, he may do so. There is obviously no restriction on it but would it not be easier to buy ready made things? On the same analogy, now that nearly every country has Reiki teachers, it can be learned very easily. One does not need to put as much effort as Dr. Usui did. Those interested in learning can just find a Reiki teacher, go and learn. It has become as simple as that.

The details of how and where Dr. Usui used his ability is not the topic of this article, yet, it wouldn’t be out of place to briefly mention that not only that he treated countless people, he especially helped and treated the victims of 1923’s earthquake of Tokyo with Reiki. That service not only gave him tremendous fame but the Emperor of Japan honored him. We received this ability through Dr. Usui, who made it so easy for us to teach and learn.