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Reiki Training Class Schedule

Who can Learn Reiki? How to Learn Reiki?

First step in learning Reiki is your decision to learn. Few people decide quickly while many take weeks and months. Once you decide to learn, find / choose a Reiki teacher, make the appointment, go and learn. It is so simple. Some teachers run regular classes while some teach on request only. I teach small groups or individually if required. What I teach at each level (and detail of charges) can be found on this page.

Who can learn Reiki?

Everyone can. As explained on page What is Reiki?, Reiki energy exists in every living human being since birth. It only needs to be activated for use at will. This is why every human being, male or female is called a "born healer" and has the ability to learn and use Reiki at any age and carry out healing. It is the simplest, easiest and quickest to learn healing technique. No special educational, intellectual or spiritual level is required to learn or practice Reiki. Basic academic qualification and common intellect is sufficient. In addition, the only requirement is the genuine desire and decision to learn.

How Reiki is taught?

Reiki is not taught like other healing systems. The training does not involve regular classes for several days, weeks or months, conventional tests or examinations. You need to attend the class just once for each level except the teacher’s level. Basic and essential ingredient of every Reiki training class is the attunement, which takes 10 to 15 minutes individually followed by explanation of how to use the technique, which takes just one session of few hours. If you genuinely want to learn, finding few hours should not be difficult at all.