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What is Human Aura? Human Aura Fields

Aura is an invisible energy field present around every object whether living or non-living. Aura can also be defined as etheric energy pattern around an object. It is the manifestation of Universal Energy and can be described or perceived as luminous body or light emitting from and around the physical body. In scientific language, it may be termed as radiation of an object. In non-living things, which have no emotions, aura depends on their chemistry and is generally of fixed width (range), which depends on the nature of the object. It is analogous to electromagnetic field around different appliances of our day-to-day use.

What is human aura? Seven layers or fields of human aura

What is Human Aura?

Human beings have aura irrespective of their behavior or character, which may have positive or negative vibrations, strength and width (range) depending upon conduct, mental state, thought pattern and character of the person. If the person is positive, the aura will be positive but if he/she is negative, vibrations of his/her aura will also be negative. That is how the aura, its color, brightness and range indicate the character, conduct, health and emotions of an individual. Aura is a true electromagnetic picture of a person revealing what the person actually is. It is not possible to have a positive aura with negative thought pattern, no matter how the person may present himself outwardly. Remember that Nature cannot be deceived and positive aura cannot be created artificially.

Aura is the first to pick up the energy of a place. If we go near a person with a strongly positive or negative aura, in a room or at a place with excessive negative or positive energy, it is the aura that senses the energy immediately and translates it to perception. That is why we get a pleasant or repulsive feeling when we go near an individual or at a particular place. It is said that external effects and diseases first manifest themselves in the aura before they become physical in nature. It sounds true in most of the cases but is hard to believe in every case.

The aura can change in color, range and intensity according to the mental and emotional state of the person and may extend from a few centimeters up to a few meters, which varies from person to person depending also on movement of their chakras, which create seven energy fields forming the aura. If all the chakras are in harmony, programmed positively, aura will be wider with pleasant effects on the persons coming in the range. When two persons meet, their auras can affect each other; stronger one will affect the weaker. Therefore, it is important that one should keep his/her aura protected against negative effects.

Originally, teaching of human aura and chakras was not part of Reiki training. It was added later and has gradually become part of the teaching. Some teachers do not teach it even now. I teach about aura and chakras in Reiki First Degree but also strongly recommend that one should spend time in self healing and personal development rather than wasting time in learning aura fields or chakras. Learning for academic knowledge is fine but actually it is the conduct, behavior and character traits of a person that matter. If those are positive, the aura will automatically become positive. If you are a Reiki healer, you should consider treating your aura frequently and also protect it before going to public places.