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Aura Treatment

It is a generally agreed upon concept that the diseases first manifest in the aura. Someone might differ with it but there is no dispute on importance of treating the aura or treating the body through the aura. This technique is especially beneficial when the body of the recipient cannot be touched for some reason. Treating the aura would mean treating the body. If the touch is not forbidden, you may treat the body by directly placing the hands in addition to treating the aura. There is no harm applying both techniques together. Please not that it is not necessary to see the aura for a Reiki healing session.

Procedure is quite simple. The treatment is given as in hands-on method with the difference that this time the hands do not physically touch the body. Let the person lie comfortably on a treatment table as for usual Reiki healing session. Bring your hands above the body keeping an inch or so away (not touching the body), let them hover in the aura and slowly move them starting from the head towards the feet as if you are giving Reiki to the aura. Once you are done with the front of the body, repeat the same for the back. This time the person shall be lying on stomach. With some practice, you can also use this technique to scan the body and identify the trouble areas for special focus during the full body treatment.

When Reiki flows through the body, it affects the aura be it through attunement or Reiki treatment session making it lighter, brighter and wider in range. When Reiki treatment is specially given through aura, the effect is even better than a conventional Reiki session. Those who can sense or see the aura can notice the change.