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Treating, Balancing Chakras with Reiki

The chakras are not always balanced and in harmony with each other. At times one or more of them can become imbalanced due to external and/or emotional causes like accident, grief, emotional shock due to sudden news whether sad or happy, financial loss, fear, anxiety, betrayal, failure in love, overly reaction to a situation etc. This imbalance can disturb the energy pattern, resulting into physical, emotional and/or psychic ailments and disturbances. Not only that disease may manifest, the thought process and the very psyche may get disturbed. A constant balance between the chakras is therefore needed for good physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Such balance would also keep the aura balanced.

Balancing Chakras with Reiki

Each chakra is related with different emotions and body organs. There are different views about it. Practically, one need not worry about such relationships. All that a Reiki practitioner should know is how to balance the chakras, own and those of the others. This should be done in one sitting unlike self-healing, which may be carried over to more than one sitting. It must however, be remembered that balancing the chakras is not one-time process. It is an ongoing process because chakras do get disturbed over time due to reasons mentioned in previous paragraph. Chakra balancing should preferably be done at least once a week or as frequently as felt necessary. After receiving the attunements, it is advisable to balance own chakras on every alternate day for some days. Later, the frequency can be gradually reduced.

The easiest way to maintain the natural balance of chakras is through application of Reiki. Give Reiki to the chakras in every healing session with the intent to bring about the balance. The hand positions taught in Reiki First Degree automatically cover these areas. A full body Reiki healing session would automatically send the energy to them and restore the balance. When the chakras (and associated glands) receive Reiki, their function improves resulting in better health. So rather than worrying about speed or colors of the chakras, their correct function is what should get the attention. Simple solution is that one should regularly carry out self healing as taught in Reiki First Degree.