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Category: Aura and Chakras

Human Aura and Chakras, Brief Information

What is Human Aura? Human Aura Fields

Aura is an invisible energy field present around every object whether living or non-living. Aura can also be defined as etheric energy pattern around an object. It is the manifestation of Universal Energy and can be described or perceived as luminous body or light emitting from and around the physical body. In scientific language, it may be termed as radiation of an object. In non-living things, which have no emotions… ... read more

Human Aura Energy Fields

Corresponding with seven chakras, there are seven layers of human aura, namely, divine body, spiritual body, casual body, mental body, emotional astral body, etheric body and physical auric body. These layers are also called energy fields of human aura. Each field has its own color, yet there is an overall color of the aura.

Aura Treatment

It is a generally agreed upon concept that the diseases first manifest in the aura. Someone might differ with it but there is no dispute on importance of treating the aura or treating the body through the aura. This technique is especially beneficial when the body of the recipient cannot be touched for some reason. Treating the aura would mean treating the body. If the touch is not forbidden, you… ... read more

Seeing Human Aura

Seeing the aura is a non Reiki technique. Ordinarily aura cannot be seen by naked eyes but one can develop this ability through practice. It can also be easily seen using special techniques that use colored screens and filters or radionic cameras. Kirlian photography is one of the techniques of taking photographs of etheric energy patterns around living things. A Russian researcher, Semyon Kirlian invented this technique in the… ... read more

What are Chakras? Seven Chakras in Human Body

Teaching of Chakras and Aura is not part of original Reiki teaching by Dr. Mikao Usui or Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. It became part of Reiki training after Mrs. Takata passed away in 1980. Gradually, seeking information about chakras and aura through Internet seems to have become quite popular. Some of my students also show extra ordinary interest in aura and chakras and start questioning about them just in the beginning… ... read more

Treating, Balancing Chakras with Reiki

The chakras are not always balanced and in harmony with each other. At times one or more of them can become imbalanced due to external and/or emotional causes like accident, grief, emotional shock due to sudden news whether sad or happy, financial loss, fear, anxiety, betrayal, failure in love, overly reaction to a situation etc. This imbalance can disturb the energy pattern, resulting into physical, emotional and/or psychic ailments and… ... read more