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Category: Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki, Stages of Learning Reiki, Reiki Courses

Reiki Training Classes

I teach Usui Reiki and offer training classes for all the four Reiki levels, which are also called degrees or stages. Each stage takes just one session of few hours except the Teacher’s course. I teach small groups of not more than 6 persons at a time to ensure individualized and personal attention.

  • Eligibility: Both male and female adults.
  • Registration: At least one day in advance through

What is Reiki Attunement?

Everyone is born with Reiki energy but not with the ability to use it consciously at will. This ability is to be personally transferred by a Reiki teacher through a process called attunement. The process is also called empowerment or initiation and is the most important part of Reiki learning/training, which must be done by a living Reiki teacher. One cannot become a Reiki healer without receiving the attunement.… ... read more

Stages of Learning Reiki

There are four stages (or three with some teachers) of learning Reiki, which are also called levels or degrees but it is not necessary to learn all the four levels. How much a person wants to learn depends on his/her need and desire for personal development but I recommend that one should take at least first two levels for optimum use of the technique.

Training Time

Training time and… ... read more

Who can Learn Reiki? How to Learn Reiki?

First step in learning Reiki is your decision to learn. Few people decide quickly while many take weeks and months. Once you decide to learn, find / choose a Reiki teacher, make the appointment, go and learn. It is so simple. Some teachers run regular classes while some teach on request only. I teach small groups or individually if required. What I teach at each level (and detail of charges)… ... read more

What is Learning Reiki?

Question: It is said that Reiki is present in every human being by birth. If it is so, why everyone cannot use it by himself and what is meant by learning Reiki?

Reiki creates harmony and balance

Answer: It is true that everyone is though born with Reiki but at the same time, this is also true that everyone is not born with… ... read more