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Which is the Best Car?

Many years back I was sitting with a group of friends. As usual several topics came under discussion but I felt that on one of the political topics, the discussion started getting a bit hot. Before the voices could become louder, I suddenly floated a question, "Can someone tell me which the best car is?" As expected, everyone looked at me with a question mark because the question was obviously unexpected and a complete diversion from what was being discussed. With a bit of effort however, I was able to draw the attention to my question. It also helped in terminating political discussion which usually ends up in unpleasantness.

As expected, different names started coming up from commonly affordable cars to very expensive and luxurious brands but every time I nodded my head sideways showing my disagreement. After a while one of the friends said with a little annoyance, "What is it then?" My answer was very simple, "My own car". For a while it surprised everyone because I have a moderate car, nothing special about it. I then explained, "Because it is my own property. Expensive and luxurious cars that some of you have named are not mine. I cannot use them as my own and therefore, those are of no use to me. Best car is the one that I can use as my own. Therefore my car is the best for me".

Many people may not agree with my answer because there is absolutely no harm in wishing and trying for better. It is quite positive but to feel dissatisfied with what we have is negative. Dissatisfaction with what we have in hand and struggling for something better are two different things with a hairline difference between the two. One should definitely look for better. This is how the progress takes place but dissatisfaction is counter productive. Try and understand the difference and be thankful with what you have. This is one of the keys to peace and success.