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What is Terrorism?

Generally, the term “terrorism” is associated with killing of other human beings, blasting the buildings or carrying out suicide bombing etc. – but my definition of terrorism is somewhat different. In my opinion, these are not the only forms of terrorism.

I consider every action that violates the legitimate rights of other human beings, snatching even a cent by force, bluffing, bribery and illegitimate gratifications, theft and robbery, hating or hurting someone due to difference in faith system, injustice, violation of law of the land in any form and even stealing someone’s work, are all various forms of terrorism whether against a community, a family or an individual. You may call such things violation of law, immoralities, bad ethics or whatever but in my opinion only the names might differ according to nature of the act but their effects on the victim are nothing other than destructive. I would call anything against the humanity as terrorism. You may disagree with my definition but just think over it for a while.

I am strongly against all types of terrorism. Why after all someone should deprive me of my legitimate rights and privileges as a human being, my right to live peacefully or worship the way I like? Why should someone gun me down just because I belong to a different belief system, race or color? Why should someone try to kill me for his pleasure or for far fetched fear of scarcity of resources in future? Who knows about future? Has anyone seen it? Would the terrorists live forever? No! No one has and no body will. Why not then co-exist? Why not live and let live? Think of it. You don’t have to answer me; answer it to yourself, to your own conscience. If you agree with my definition, then work against the terrorism whoever or wherever you are; terrorism of all types not just the type that uses guns and bombs. Join hands with those who look for peace. Be a peace maker.