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What is Personal Development?

Personal development has been defined in various ways but it is definitely not restricted to career development or financial conditions. It should not be defined as development in material gains or success in career. It includes all aspects of life like health, relationships, education, talents and quality of life etc. Spiritual development can also be included in the list but this requires a different mindset and priorities. Everyone is not much interested in spiritual development either.

Human personality has multitude of aspects. Every aspect of life requires different kind of effort but at times there might be some overlap. Some aspects might also be interrelated. Out of all those, health should receive maximum importance because physical, mental and emotional health forms the basis of personal development. A sick or unhealthy person obviously cannot be efficient in his working and performing even daily functions. One must have as good health as possible but by this I do not mean to imply that one should be a body-builder, King Kong or a Superman.

Personal development also aims to achieve happiness, which further lies in success and success lies in developing oneself according to one’s passion and priorities. Development is not one time effort. It requires continuous and regular struggle, which is the key to success. Needless to say that you must fix your priorities logically not emotionally because emotions can more often than not lead to incorrect decisions, which might ultimately lead to serious setbacks. Whichever way you choose, it is you who has to fix your own priorities.

Lifestyle is equally important and has notable relationship with efficiency and quality of life in general. While planning personal development, one should care for personal health putting it at the top in the list of priorities.

Develop and succeed you must but never compare your self with others because every human being is unique; no two persons are exactly equal in physical and mental abilities. So do what you should, not what others do. Remember that there are human and individual limitations too. No body can be at the top in all the fields and no body can do everything. It is good to be clear about realities of life and aims and work accordingly. If you do not meet your target of personal development, do not feel depressed or disappointed; just go on.

Personal development does not mean just the material gain