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Free Stuff: What is Free in this World?

Looking for free stuff is quite common all over the world. We want everything free of cost or at least for a minimum possible price. Not just the physical stuff, it includes free learning of a skill, free education, free medical treatment; you name it, we want it free. No body even wants to pay the doctors. When they get something free, they feel mighty happy and proudly mention it not realizing that by getting free stuff they have taken the heavy burden of obligation. On the other hand, there are people who know that there is nothing free in this world and that one has to pay for everything in one shape or the other, sooner or later. Everything is to be paid for be it physical stuff, spiritual development, good or bad or whatever. Such folks don’t like to take unnecessary obligations.

There are several modes of payment. In some cases the price is to be paid on the spot like buying something from the market, in some it is to be paid in advance like doing something good hoping for reward from the Nature, whereas in some case it is to be paid later as in case of doing something wrong. Even a good lifestyle and glamour has to be paid for in advance. If someone gives something free voluntarily, it is to be paid for in shape of obligation at least. There is no chance of getting anything for free, not even when something is stolen or taken away by cleverness. people around might not understand that cleverness but it cannot be concealed from God Almighty. Thus everything has to be paid for, to another if not to one, and later if not now. Only the currency differs according to the stuff. To believe that something has been taken for free is nothing more than a misconception. There is no free stuff.

There are many in the world offering free services and other stuff voluntarily and are the actual beneficiaries by any standard of morality and spirituality. So it is in fact the giver who actually benefits, not the taker. The recipient carries the burden of obligation anyway and this is how he pays.

Price is not necessarily related to physical stuff only. An unethical act might at times have to be continuously paid for during the whole life that can be in the shape of a loss or diseases. At time we do certain thing mindlessly that might have no bad intentions, yet, those might not be the right things to do and might cost something in some shape. So whatever we do, small or big, in any shape, must be well thought out so that nothing wrong is done intentionally. Be careful with what you buy particularly the non-physical stuff.

Nothing is free in this world; no free stuff