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Ways of Teaching by Nature

Teaching by Nature is done in countless ways. This article is the story of an insect bite and its cure. I wrote this article in March 2004 but remained in my computer unpublished. Now somehow I thought of sharing it.

It was night of March 16, 2004. Around midnight on that day I was reading something on Internet, fully absorbed with one hand on the mouse and eyes focused on the screen when a small insect that looked exactly like a mosquito sat on the back of my right hand. I did not notice it till the fellow stung me. I looked at it and shook the hand a little to shake it off but the insect didn’t feel like going away. I very casually used the second hand to strike it but it flew away after doing what he had come for. It had stung me. I gently rubbed the affected area and reverted back to what I was reading.

The next morning when I woke up, I was surprised to see that the back of my right hand had swollen and looked like a double bread, back of a bun to be exact, red and hot. This was something abnormal because mosquito stings don’t cause so much of swelling. In few more hours the swelling increased to the extent that I was unable to close the hand. I took some medicines that I could access easily but it made no difference. I didn’t feel like going to the doctor for a small thing such as this. Pain, swelling and redness stayed and remained so for the next two days but slightly reduced by the morning of the third day.

On the third day, my daughter offered me a glass of Coca-Cola at lunch. I usually avoid acidic drinks but I agreed readily and accepted it. After few hours, I felt noticeable increase in swelling and uneasiness. It suddenly occurred to me that the swelling had increased because of the cold drink that I had taken at lunch, which was highly acidic (pH value around 2.5) and then the series of thoughts started……why Coca-Cola?… is harmless……no it is acidic….it must have added acid in my body……added to what was already present?……lot of acid was already there…..why?……I had not taken anything very acidic…..the only abnormality was the insect bite two days back……so poison injected by the insect must have been very acidic?…..yes it must be so……so that is why it aggravated the swelling……..what next?…. how do I treat it?……another medicine?……which one?……why don’t I take something alkaline…..but what?…….oh milk should neutralize the strong acid……yes this is it….I must try it (milk is not alkaline. It is very mildly acidic, pH value around 6.5, very close to neutral).

So I asked for a glass of milk around 6 PM. After an hour or so I felt notable reduction in swelling and pain. I asked for another glass at about 9 PM. By the next morning pain and swelling had almost disappeared, which confirmed my analysis. I took another glass of milk at breakfast. By noon, swelling and pain completely vanished as if they were never there. The hand had become absolutely normal. That was the time when it occurred to me that the insect was sent because Nature wanted to teach me something special…and I learned. During the whole episode, I had very strangely totally forgotten to use Reiki on it. Had I done it, I wouldn’t have learned what Nature wanted to teach me. Nature can teach us like this as well; it has its own ways. Since then I have thought of many events and concluded that lots of things happen just to teach us. We can learn from every happening in our life. Whether we learn or not is up to us.