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Freedom of Expression | Watch Your Words

We use words to express our thoughts and emotions. Every word that we use has a meaning and conveys certain sense. In scientific expressions, mathematical calculations and similar other technical matters, words convey the exact sense because there are no emotions attached. In case of human beings it becomes very different. Our expression can make or break relations. It is therefore important that freedom of expression should not be misused. Hurting the feelings of others without a sensible cause is not appreciable by any standard. Even if you have a cause, try to refrain from losing temper.

The words are only a tool, not the feelings or emotions by themselves and yet this tool is very powerful. It can make and break the relations even permanently. Correct use of words is an art but everyone doesn’t enjoy this ability. Use of an inappropriate word can call for trouble particularly if the person is overwhelmed by his right of "freedom of expression". It is a hard fact that once a word is spoken, it cannot be taken back; it becomes irretrievable. Apologies may soften the situation and minimize its negative effects, yet, in most cases it would leave its traces behind and it cannot be said that, that word was never spoken. This is how mindless use of freedom of expression can cause havoc and serve only the egoist pattern. If in a situation, a suitable word doesn’t come to the mind, silence is a better option. It is safer and least harmful; it wouldn’t multiply the trouble at least. Use the voice of silence rather than an inappropriate word and hurt someone’s feelings. So be careful with your words and do not forget that soft-spoken persons are respected more than the others.

Freedom of Expression: Be careful with your words. Once spoken, they don't come back