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Using Reiki to Cure Depression

Depression is not a viral or bacterial disease. It is a state of mind and may have various causes but generally results from persistent negative thought pattern. It may also be the result of feelings of helplessness after deep disappointment. The cause may be specific to the individual. The person may have lots of justifications for a particular state of mind but the fact remains that treatment of depression needs basic changes in the thought pattern.

One very common option chosen by majority is the use of anti-depressant medicines whereas medicines alone would not be enough to cure depression. Dependency on medicines is in fact not a good option. The changes must come through modification of thought pattern, self-realization or development of courage to understand and face the realities of life. One could seek the help of psychologist if required.

One very effective and important solution to depression is to relax mentally and even physically, which is not difficult. It only requires a bit of guidance and personal effort. It must be remembered that relaxation comes from within. Tranquilizers can give temporary relaxation and relief but no cure. Do not depend on medicines for those will only make you drug-dependent and gradually deplete your energies. There are several relaxation techniques, Reiki being one of those. You should rise up to the realities, develop self-confidence and get rid of depression. Along this path if you need the support of Reiki, get it because it would positively help you rebuilding your thought pattern and smoothing out your state of mind.

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