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Use the Right Tool

We try to do many things in life and achieve various types of goals. Whatever we do, it requires a particular technique. In other words, we need to use the right tool. The point to understand is that every tool is not meant for everything. For example, hammer is not used to remove a screw and a screwdriver is not used to chop the vegetables. Similarly a person with a broken limb needs surgery not meditation. This is because every tool and system has its own functions and method of use.

While working with energy, use of the power of subconscious mind and meditation are known to be effective and have become quite common for manifestation and achievement of various goals. Similarly interest in telepathy, hypnotism and meditation etc. is also on the increase. Reiki is also used to address various issues but every technique cannot be used for every thing. These are various tools but used for different purposes. There might be some overlap here and there but basically they are all different to each other. Decide what you want to achieve and then use the right tool or technique.

Meditation is one that majority of folks tries to learn on its own using the information from Internet. There are plenty of methods available on Internet with impressive names but everything is not for everyone. A randomly picked up method might not always work because every meditation has a purpose and procedure. It is therefore, not advisable to pick any method and start meditating. Incorrect procedure is more likely to lead towards failure and waste of time rather than success. So is the case with use of power of subconscious mind. One can though learn it from books but that would be without guidance of a teacher and not very simple. One can make mistakes during the process and unwittingly make it counter productive.

Case with Reiki is quite different in the sense that it cannot be learned merely from books. Transfer of the healing ability requires attunement by a Reiki teacher where after it can be used anytime, anywhere without the fear of making a mistake. In fact there are no mistakes that could be made in using Reiki. This is a very great advantage of Reiki.

This is what is meant by “use the right tool”.

Always use the right tool for you do