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My Visit to USA – Some of My Observations

Recently I visited America for about two weeks (from August 23 to September 09, 2015). That was my first visit to USA. When I came back, many people asked questions. A common question was, "What did I like there"? Apart from what people were interested in knowing, I would like to share my experience on what was the best thing that I noticed during my visit to USA.

During my two-week’s stay, I was mostly out with my American friends visiting tourist spots and markets etc. I also met many immigrants from other countries who had invited me to their homes on dinner. While I enjoyed their hospitality, I was also watching their lifestyle and general behavior. To my pleasant surprise, I found that discipline received top priority in both cities that I visited (Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio). I did not find a single vehicle violating the traffic rules, over speeding or over taking madly like we do in Pakistan. Everyone observed the STOP sign be it day or night, someone watching or not, whether or not the road was empty. My friends driving me everywhere stopped at every STOP sign even on domestic (internal) roads. This included both males and females. Not one of them violated anywhere. While on the road, when I recalled traffic discipline in our country, I only felt ashamed.

It was not just the traffic discipline that I noticed. Even in the shopping malls and restaurants, no body rushed. Everyone waited for the turn to get the stuff or pay the bill absolutely oppose to what we find almost everywhere in Pakistan. We are always in a hurry and impatient, want to be attended first of all at top priority. Standing in queue and waiting for the turn is not a matter of prestige in the cities I visited, it is matter of discipline and decency. I did not come across a single incident of seeing someone shouting or talking like loudspeaker. No vehicle blows the horn just for fun sake. They use it only when it becomes unavoidable.

Cleanliness was another very obvious thing. I did not see heaps of garbage anywhere inside or outside the living areas, near restaurants or any other public place. Everyone disposed off the garbage at specified places. However, I did see few shopping bags flying here and there with wind but those were negligible as compared to what we see here. There were lots of other good things that I noticed but most evident was what I have mentioned.

I am not trying to say that everything is perfect out there and everyone in that country is an angel and no body ever breaches the code of ethics or breaks the law, and I am talking of just the two cities that I have been to. Generally, where there are human beings, there would be breach of law and discipline as well but we consider the majority to form an opinion not just few odd cases. I wish we too could be disciplined and also keep our country clean.