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Disappointment and Depression: Get Rid of Depression Naturally

Everyone goes through ups and downs of mood the whole day as a natural and normal reaction to happenings in daily life. At times sadness replaces normal mood and might be short lived or prolonged depending on what caused the sadness or disappointment. If it persists, it gradually starts affecting normal functions of the body systems. Such persistent sadness is usually called depression.

Depression is said to have many causes including biological and psychological factors, stress, grief and trauma etc. but I consider it a state of mind resulting from despair and disappointment mixed with the feelings of helplessness. Such feelings could be the results of financial loss, continued financial hardship, uneven relationships, failing expectations, persistent bad health, loss of a loved one, various social and economic reasons, some traumatic happening, memories of unpleasant happenings of the past, helplessness and deep disappointment due to unfulfilled desires etc. The last one has a very wide meaning and is applicable to majority of the sufferers. If the mind is left on its own and is allowed to think of failures continuously or at least frequently, it begins to generate negative energy field inside and around the body, which gradually translates itself in to physical symptoms appearing as changes in behavior at first but ultimately affecting the physical health and nearly all systems of the body. The symptoms that might appear would be different for different individuals and include ill-temper, irritability, lack of confidence, mistrust, fear of death, low or high blood pressure, loss or increase of appetite, persistent headache, indigestion, pessimism, negative attitude towards life and even wavering of religious beliefs etc. but these symptoms may not necessarily be due to depression. So a proper diagnosis would be required to find what it is. When the condition is diagnosed as depression, most people start looking for medical treatment but seldom look for the actual cause(s).

The human being is ambitious by nature. He wants to have everything that he likes attaching too many hopes and building up high expectations. He struggles to meet his desires, which might be genuine, not necessarily more than his needs. Such struggle goes on and on inside him. At one point of time when he feels that he cannot achieve what he wants, cannot get what he likes and his expectations are not to be met, he starts losing hopes and starts accumulating feelings of helplessness. At that time, when his nerves can no longer bear the hardship of such struggle, he goes in to depression and starts looking for the medicines that could relax his mind.

To come out of depression, the first thing to do is to look at your thought pattern, dig out and analyze the actual cause of your mental condition.

If you are lacking something in your life and there is no way to have it, it is time to understand that all the human beings cannot be equal in all the fields and cannot have every thing in life. It is a hard fact that God never gives all his bounties to every one. All the desires are never to be met. You are like other human beings; not an exception. Look at the richest. They too lack something in their life. So don’t compare yourself because comparison generates depression and anxiety. If you cannot resist comparing, be fair and do so down the ladder as well. You will find that you have a lot more to be happier with but if you try to meet every desire of yours, you wouldn’t succeed in doing so because the desires are endless. If you look around yourself, you would notice that someone has more wealth, the other has better health, yet another has good relationships or some thing else more or better than others but none has everything. Those who have peace of mind are perhaps the luckiest. Had all the human beings been equal, the world would have been still, nothing moving, nothing working, no master, no servant, no employer and no employee. It is the inequality that gives life to this world. Rather than always looking up, one should endeavor to look behind as well. You should understand that there are innumerable human beings with far less than what you have. You are actually way better than hundreds of millions. It is important to realize and understand the realities of life. So, if you are pulling yourself down due to unfulfilled desires, analyze to check how genuine those are and get rid of the unnecessary load. If you can do so, you will be a happier person and get rid of depression naturally.

If you are clinging to your past, you must understand that the past is history; you cannot go back and undo your mistakes. It is beyond us to influence and change our past. What you need to do is to leave your past alone, take a new start with your present and define your new ending.

So make a choice and see what suits you: depression or contentment and happiness? If you wish to force yourself in to depression, the choice is yours. It is your life. Spend it the way you like.