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Understand Your Religion

God sent human being to this earth and gave him everything that he needed including wisdom. He gave us all his bounties with the power to choose between good and evil. To start with, God said two things. First is the information telling us that, "I am your God, your Creator, and no one shares with me" and second is the order saying, "Obey Me". To explain how to obey, what to do and what not to do, He sent messengers (prophets) who conveyed to us the code of conduct that we call religion. Therefore, It is important to understand your religion.

With passage of time many have misinterpreted the religion to suit their needs and desires and secondly, we have found it easier to follow interpretations of others freeing ourselves of the trouble of learning the truth. We tend to believe what others tell us about the religion but hardly try to learn the true teachings. In addition, we have chosen to do what we like in the name of "human rights", "free will" and "freedom of expression" etc. Thus, deviation from true teachings in the name of human rights has led a sizeable section to violate God’s orders, which further leads to nothing but self-destruction.

We use everything that God created for us; we live in His kingdom under His sky, on His earth and eat His food but we do not try to understand and obey what He actually asked for. Learning the religion is no longer a priority for lots and lots of us. The priority usually goes to our personal likes and dislikes. Using the wisdom that God gave us, we have developed innumerable gadgets to meet our genuine and non-genuine desires but have hardly paid any attention to self-development. The entire focus of our efforts is on personal gains and meeting desires, which only goes to multiply unrest and anxiety in our lives.

When you read this article, I would ask you to look within yourself whether you know your religion correctly and see if you are following it as it should be. We all need to do this. Remember that anything we do against the will of God is our own responsibility and it is we who will have to face the consequences. So learning and understanding your religion, learning the true and original teachings of whichever religion or faith system you follow is very important. Do not blindly believe what others tell you and don’t be mislead. Try to use your God given wisdom to choose between good and evil and avoid being the slave of your desires or wrong persuasions.

Learn your religion, choose between right and wrong, good and evil