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What is True Success?

Success means different to different persons. Everyone defines it in his/her own way. Some measure it by material gains while some value ethics and dignity more than material gains. There are others who keep the purpose of life in view and spend their life differently. I consider success and true success two different things.

Difference between success and true success

Success may be defined on case-to-case basis or overall success in life. Both have different approach and pattern of life. Let us take two examples to elucidate.

  1. A person strives to become CEO of a big company, works hard, follows rules and ethics, doesn’t do anything illegitimate and succeeds in his aim. Another person depends on cutthroat techniques, zigzags his path, ignores ethics and finally succeeds in his aim. The first one gains respect en route, the other wins just the chair. Who do you think is really successful?
  2. A person plans a robbery and does it successfully. The other catches him and takes him to the court of law. Practically both have succeeded in their mission but one is utterly negative and menace while the other is positive and asset to the nation. One is hated while the other is respected. Who do you think is really successful?

I think these two examples should suffice to explain what I am trying to say. Succeed you must but not at the cost of ethics and honor. True success is the one that is achieved by working hard within the bounds of ethics and law. This is what earns respect. If a thief steals successfully, it cannot be called success in its true sense and the thief can never be called a successful person. Once a person loses credibility, even lifetime wouldn’t be enough to regain it. Successful life is the one that has honor, dignity and credibility not just heaps of wealth earned through unethical ways. The effort must be governed by ethics. It would be worth remembering that there might be many ways to reach a destination but correct path is just one.

True success is achieved by working hard within the bounds of ethics and law