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Reiki Precept: Just for Today I will Work Honestly

"Just for today, I will work honestly" is a one of those Reiki precepts that all teachers teach to their students as a compulsory part of their training. It looks very simple but actually affects the whole life. It is taught and practiced in every culture and religion but Islam is very particular about it and strictly forbids dishonesty in any form.

Honesty is a wide term applicable to not just the financial matters. It applies to multitude of dealings and relationships in almost every sphere of life. Commonly, working and earning honestly simply means that you should get what you deserve legitimately, not by violating the rights of others and depriving them of money or anything that is actually not yours. The term is not restricted to stealing money, cheating, demanding or accepting payment that is actually not due or receiving illegitimate gratifications in any form. It applies even to giving someone wrong suggestion, false guidance due to ill intentions or giving incorrect information (telling a lie). It applies to everything that we do in our life including using someone’s write up from Internet without permission and publishing as own work. This is intellectual dishonesty. Every religion and belief system views it as a vice, not virtue.

Dishonesty is a product of greed, inflated desires, egoistic attitude and false sense of competition. Even jealousy can drive a person to the dark valleys of dishonesty and misconduct. It sends negative and destructive messages repeatedly to the subconscious mind which then gradually generates circumstances harmful not only to health and well-being of the person himself but also causes lots of other troubles. To tell a lie, one has to think and plan whereas speaking just the truth requires no planning. Truth is a virtue, lie is a vice; honesty is positive, dishonesty is negative; honesty brings peace, dishonesty generates all kinds of troubles.

At times people sacrifice morality for money. By doing so, one may earn wealth but would lose a lot on the other side. This is paying too much for very little; giving away valuable for invaluable. Having less money but comfortable and peaceful life is far better than having more money but troubled life full of anxiety and fear etc. Richness and glamour do not make a person more reliable or respectable. It is the conduct and legitimacy that does. As a Reiki practitioner and even otherwise, one should try becoming virtuous and reliable rather than earning an opposite reputation.

Honesty or dishonest does not relate to financial matters only. It applies to a multitude of human dealings