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Reiki Precept: Just for Today I will be Thankful

"Just for today, I will be thankful for every blessing" is one of the five precepts of Reiki. Different books have worded it differently it but means the same thing.

Human being by nature expects his work to be acknowledged and appreciated especially if that is in the form of a favor to someone. Upon receiving an appreciation, he feels happier and is willing to do more. We keep receiving and extending small or big favors through out our life span but seldom realize the importance of acknowledgement. At times people just walk away without recognizing the favor done to them, which does not leave very pleasant feelings behind. It neither takes time nor costs anything, yet, it is ignored quite frequently. There are people who keep doing all sorts of favors to others without ever expecting a word of thanks or anything in return. They are special people but right now I am considering the common person not the special one.

I have very frequently observed especially on Internet that majority of people ask for favor through email like advice on something, consultation, details of a procedure or a technique or anything like that but once they are replied, they don’t care to write back a word of thanks. They behave in a way as if it were their right not realizing that the person took the trouble in doing the favor, spent time and helped for no cost that should have been recognized. The favor does not have to be a big one for recognition. It might be as small as anything. It is not difficult to understand that gratitude for a favor earns respect from the one doing the favor and prepares favorable ground for the future.

In many societies, family members and servants are almost never appreciated whereas acknowledgement or gratitude is a very powerful factor that generates healthier relationship and mutual respect. In fact, the power of gratitude is much more than this. To feel its true virtues, practice it yourself and see the results. Remember that goodwill and respect are a simple two-way traffic.

When you begin thanking for favors, do not end up thanking just the human beings. Extend it to the Creator because he favors us every moment throughout our lives and gives much more than we strive for. If you can make this precept part of your life and begin to be grateful for everything, every favor you receive from anyone, whether small or big, you will soon feel positive changes taking place in and around your life. When you thank God, He blesses you more, not necessarily by plenty of wealth. He has his own ways of blessing his creature especially the human beings.

I will be thankful