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Reiki Precept: Just for Today I will be Respectful to Everyone

"Just for today, I will be respectful and kind to everyone" is yet another precept of Reiki. Like other precepts, different books have worded it differently but convey the same lesson.

Every human being is part of this universe, has his own kingdom, important and a role to play. We are not directly concerned with every other human being on this planet, yet, the existence of such importance cannot be totally denied. Everyone therefore, irrespective of social importance or status deserves to be respected as much as any of us does.

Respect too is a two-way traffic but general trend is to respect only those who matter. Usually, the importance we attach to a human being depends on our interaction with him and his influence on us. Those who are powerful and effective in some way demand and get respect by virtue of their power, whatever might be the nature of power. In reality, true respect can only be earned; it is not something that can be snatched or purchased like a commodity. This precept is about the mutual respect between the human beings without prejudice to race, color or faith. When you give respect, you earn respect in return. Sometimes a person may expect respect first before he gives it to the others, which is not a pleasant approach and does not go with this precept.

Respect is to be given unconditionally, not based on personal interests and motives. Respecting the parents, teachers and all the elders is part of every culture but this does not imply that equals and younger need to be respected any less. Respecting the younger would train them to adopt this virtue easily. When you respect others, you automatically become kind to them because kindness is integral part of respect. This virtue sends positive and pleasant message, which is nearly always responded positively.

Kindness is a universal virtue, which is not to be restricted to just the family, friends and pets or those who matter to us. It should find way to all the living beings including birds and animals and even plants. They too are living beings and part of our life. We are all part of the same Universe and creature of the same God. Every living being deserves your kind attention. If you cannot send them Reiki, you can at least be merciful to them. For instance, Bird shooting is a game for some but before you enjoy this game and shoot the birds, ask yourself a simple question, “What is their fault?” Do not forget that some day your memories might remind you of your unmerciful game and haunt you. Be sure that if you are kind to the creature of God, He will be kind and merciful to you.

Just for today I will be respectful is one of the Reiki precepts.