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Survival in Profession

Be it a job or personal business, everyone desires and needs to not only survive but also progress and flourish. Even the professionals and service providers face competition. Factually, survival in profession, any profession, is not easy. The question is who survives and moves ahead. What is the formula for success?

Joblessness has increased during the past few years and is still increasing. The economy of many countries is under pressure and not in a good state. Many companies frequently fire their workers because their business is going down and they cannot pay their employees. So generally, your job is always at risk. To survive the firing, your only option is to be efficient in your profession. You must have heard the phrases like, "This world is for the strong, not for the weak" and "Survival of the fittest". Have you ever given them a deeper thought with relation to your job and profession?

Your strength for survival lies in your efficiency in meeting the requirements of the job. If you help the company earn just equal to or less than your pay, you stand no chance to stay on the job. Remember that the employers hire the workers to improve, expand and make their business more and more profitable not to just help someone earn through their company. You have to make sure that you add to the business and earnings of the employers more than they pay you otherwise you are of no use to them. To stay on the job securely, you must become indispensable for the employers or else you would keep roaming around with your CV looking for another job or looking for a "work from home business". Remember that working from home too needs lot of effort and efficiency. It is not that you simply make a website, put some ads on it and start waiting for a check for a big amount. If it were that simple, everyone would do it and enjoy the life. Many have tried this working from home thing and have failed. Being your own boss is a good and attractive slogan but that doesn’t always work for everyone. More you think of it, more you will realize that there is no shortcut to hard work and efficiency in whatever field you are unless you are exceptionally lucky and the money pours on you from unusual sources. Remember that lotteries and prizes will not find you everyday.

If you are a professional, running your own business or providing service of some kind, the formula of "efficiency" still applies. You have to be efficient and reliable to float ahead of your competitors. Make efficiency your strength for survival or be prepared to fail. Remember that illusions and bluff wouldn’t work for long. And last but not the least, look after your health to maintain your efficiency. Don’t forget that healthy can take the workload and do much but sick can do little and can never be as efficient as a healthy person. To stay healthy, take the help of Reiki if required.