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Spirituality and Morality

Recently a friend asked me on facebook to write something special and worthwhile on spirituality. This article is to honor his request.

The term spirituality could be defined in various ways but the purpose of this article is not to offer the definition. I would rather like to talk about its basis, as I understand it. In my opinion, path to spirituality starts from the valley of morality. At times the term spirituality is overly associated with religion or belief system whereas in its true sense it is not so because good moral values and positive conduct are common to all religions and belief systems and prerequisite to spirituality. Morality leads spirituality. It is not the other way around. Being psychic or an expert user of mind power with ability to perform miracles is one thing but being spiritual is another. Both require different kind of approach and effort.

It is good and perfectly fine for anyone to desire but spirituality or personal development does not automatically follow the desire. It needs conscious effort; there are no shortcuts. One has to choose and travel on correct path and build a solid base, which is morality and includes good moral character, ethics and personal conduct. If the base is strong, the structure built on that would be strong and stable but if the base is weak or unstable, the structure would be liable to collapse easily. Strong base requires actual practice, not just the knowledge of concepts.

Path to spirituality is not easy and simple; one has to meet the requirements and take the trouble of developing one’s self. This might require quitting certain habits and change in the lifestyle. Given due importance and put in to practice, morality paves the way to spirituality. If a person is truthful, trustworthy, honest, reliable, considerate, helpful and respectful etc. his spiritual level would rise automatically. There is no spirituality without morality. Abiding by moral codes also makes the person good and useful human being. This is what I am already focusing on, on this blog.

Practice of good moral values is prerequisite for spiritual development. Spirituality follows morality

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  1. بہت خوب آپ نے بلکل سہی نشان دہے فرما ی ہے روحانیت کا تعلق خود اپنی ذات سے ہوتا ہے اور صرف عبادات ذکر اور ورد وغیرہ کسی کو روحانیت کے اونچے درجے تک لیجانے میں کوئی کردار ادا نہیں کر سکتے -روحانیت کا آغاز عمدہ کردار سے ہوتا ہے – سچائی ،ایمانداری، رزق حلال اور مخلوق ا خدا سے محبّت ہی وہ راستہ ہے جو انسان کو الله کے بہت قریب لے جاتا ہے – عبادت کی اہمیت اپنی جگہ قردار کا غازی ہونا خاص وقعت رکھتا ہے

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