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Speaking, Writing and Criticism

Everyone thinks and has ideas but majority does not write and share views because general impression is that if you speak or write, some will appreciate, some will oppose and you may have to face disagreements, criticism, mindless and irrelevant remarks and even earn enemies, may be even plenty of them. If you keep quiet, listen and read only, you will have none of it. Since none wants opposition and criticism, second option is preferred. In most cases, fear of criticism prevails.

Books that we read contain the views and experiences of others, not ours. We learn and benefit from them. That is how the knowledge spreads and we, the human beings learn from each other and progress. So if you know something, share it. Put your shyness away and DO NOT be afraid of opposition or criticism. All that you need to be careful about is that you do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Your writings should be free of prejudice and racism. Remember that while some will oppose you, many would appreciate and become your friends too.

If you are criticized, don’t just ignore it. Give it a thought and see with open mind if you have been wrong somewhere and need to improve. Remember that it is the improvement that leads to success. By the way, success does not mean that you should necessarily reach the top. Success means that you continue improving with every passing day. Be happy and succeed.

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