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Size of Universe and Our Ego

Some of us boast a lot and behave as if the world is under their thumb. Fine, go on but have you ever thought of how big is the universe and how much is our place in it? No? Okay, let us do it together step by step.

  • Make or get your city map and mark your house in that. Then mark the place of your chair in that. Now guess how big is the city and how big is your chair.
  • Similarly make the map of your country, planet Earth and mark your place in that.
  • In the next step, draw the map of your galaxy, mark your place in that, and see where you stand. You would find yourself smaller than even a dot.

Make sure that all maps are to the scale. Can you do it?

God Almighty has made countless galaxies. We do not even know how many those are. Many of those are bigger than our galaxy. Now draw the map of the whole universe if you can and if you know its size, mark your place in that. Can you now guess how big are you and how tall is your ego and how big are your problems?

If we cannot truly guess our own place in galaxy, on what basis and strength do we boast wherever and for whatever we can? Find the answer for yourself, if you can.

Compare yourself with universe and find your place in that