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Reward and Punishment

God created the human being for a purpose. Many people in the world view this life in isolation which is not right. This life is temporary, just one stage in the journey. They talk of personal freedom, human rights and freedom of expression etc. but ignore the reality that there is No freedom without the law and Nature rewards according to our conduct.

There are two sets of laws; one made by humans for themselves and the other made by Allah, God, Nature, Supreme, Bhagwaan or whatever word we might use to represent the Creator of this universe. God wants His creature to abide by His laws and obviously does not like violations but as the human nature is, violations are quite frequent. We tend to give priority to immediate benefit ignoring bigger harm in the long run.

There are two types of mistakes or misdeeds; one is inadvertent but the other is willful and planned. Inadvertent mistakes may have lesser punishment but planned and willful blunders are severely punished. Nature values the actual motive behind a deed or misdeed and rewards or punishes accordingly. Many human beings think they can deceive the Nature and go unpunished whatever they might do. This is a serious mistake. One might be able to deceive the creature but it is impossible to hide anything from God. True motives cannot be hidden from Nature. One has to face the consequences sooner or later. There is NO other way. It is our conduct that makes our lives comfortable or miserable. So better watch your conduct.

Nothing goes unrewarded be it good or bad deed