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Reiki is Simple Healing System

Lot of people all over the world feel impressed by complicated and mysterious procedures. They think if the procedure is complicated, it would be more effective. In other words, simple procedures and simple things are not believed easily. Keeping this psyche in mind, clever ones take advantage of it and make simple things complicated. That is why simple healing system like Reiki is not given as much importance as it merits.

It is not necessary that if the procedure is complicated it would definitely give better results. In fact it is the other way around. If the procedure is complicated, the practitioner is very likely to mix up and make mistakes. Reiki practice is very simple, as simple as you can think of. There are no complications at all. This is one reason why people do not believe Reiki easily and usually ask, "How is it possible that energy will flow and heal by just placing the hands" or "How is it possible to learn such a thing in short time"? The fact is that learning period is short and the energy does flow.

I as a Reiki teacher believe that things must be kept as simple as possible because complications serve no purpose other than causing unnecessary confusion and doubts. Such style does not help the students and becomes rather counter productive particularly for slow learners. As a student, one should keep the mind open and not doubt the system and procedures if they are presented in a simple way. Reiki is a simple system and should be taught and learned as such.