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Reiki Training Class in Louisville, Kentucky

I visited Louisville, Kentucky USA from August 24, 2015 to September 8, 2015 on invitation from my friend Renate Klein. I had visited several other countries before but this was my first visit to the United States of America. Main purpose of the visit was to meet friends but site seeing naturally came in.

My friend already knew of my passion in Reiki and that I teach Usui Reiki classes in Pakistan. Taking advantage of the visit, she asked me if I could take Reiki training class and teach a group of friends who were keen to learn. I agreed.

On September 04, 2015 I conducted First Degree and Second Degree Reiki classes on September 05 followed by Master 3A the next day; that is September 06. The time span between the classes had to be short because firstly, my visit was quite short (just about two weeks) and secondly, the participants were free on weekends only. All the three classes went very well. Their questions and discussion were quite interesting and indicative of their good understanding of the subject. It was a pleasure to see that they already knew about the subject and had some very thoughtful points to discuss. Since the classes were not pre-planned, I had not carried certificates of training with me. I therefore sent the certificates in mail after I returned to Pakistan. This was the first time that I had taught in another country and it was worth of an experience. I also visited Cincinnati and passed attunements. Here are few pictures of the class in Louisville.

Participants of Reiki class

Participants of Reiki training class

Participants of Reiki training class in Louisville, KY, USA