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Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudice is like a poison for any community. Be it region, politics or racism, if prejudice and discrimination prevail, one starts to lose the difference between right and wrong or good and bad. Thus visionary approach diminishes and rather than using the wisdom and doing justice one tends to give priority to emotions and discrimination. In such state of mind, narrow mindedness, injustice, stubbornness, egoism, blaming for the sake of blaming, criticism for the sake of criticism, useless argument, intolerance, cruelty, use of abusive language, meaningless likes and dislikes and individual and group interests get promoted. In its worst shape, it gives birth to violence. It is no secret that in the presence of prejudice and discrimination, society only moves towards moral destruction rather than progress.

Unfortunately, there are many religious, political and racist groups all over the world practicing prejudice and discrimination. At least I do not know of one that may have earned respect through this unwanted practice. In fact it is the opposite.

Human being is the best creature of God Almighty and has been given lot of wisdom. One should use that God given wisdom to differentiate between wrong and right and refrain from prejudice and discrimination. It needs to be remembered that exactly like envy, prejudiced person unwittingly harms himself before he does to other person.

Prejudice and discrimination are the worst enemies of any individual or society