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Destiny, Effort and Prayers: Are Prayers Enough for Success?

Destiny, effort and prayers are realities but some people attach too much importance to destiny and prayers and much less to the effort. It is said that prayers can change the destiny. Let us agree to it for a moment and proceed ahead.

You have a car for example, and you want it to run on the road. Now rather than sitting in driving seat of the car, starting it and driving it, you sit in your comfortable chair in your sitting room and start praying that it should run. Do you think it will unless you sit in it and drive it? Let us your honest answer.

Similar is the case with lots and lots of things in our lives. Prayers do work but effort is also part of our lives. If effort were so unimportant, one would sit at home and just pray and get everything. By the way, the house where you sit and pray was built with effort or just your prayers? You know the answer, right?

In my opinion, effort and prayers go side by side. One without the other might be inadequate. So put in your effort and then pray for success. You can also use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goal, which in fact is another form of prayer but do not overlook the effort. If something catches fire in your house, for example, and rather than putting in the effort to extinguish it, you sit and start meditating for the fire to go off, do you think that would be a smart option? I am sure you know the answer once again. There might be certain matters that need prayer alone but most of the things in our physical lives need conscious effort. Your effort can change your life, if it is in the right direction. Just think of it before you say yes or no to it but do not weigh everything on the same scale.

Prayer, effort and success