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Praise Vs Criticism

It is not uncommon to come across things that we like very much or don’t like at all. It is not about just the material items; it is quite frequent about humans as well. At times we like someone and praise him for something while in some cases it can be totally opposite. Praise and criticism are part of us.

When we like something about someone, we appreciate but usually it is quite brief. We just say well-done, great, good job and so on. I do not consider it adequate and call it miserly praise but if we don’t like something, we spend more time in expressing our disapproval particularly if it is about a human being. Majority is miser in expressing appreciation but very “elaborate and generous” in criticizing or ridiculing others. I think it should be the other way round.

If you think that a person deserves appreciation, do it as much as you can staying within the limits of decency. That will not only encourage the person to do even better, make him happier but will also cultivate goodwill and generate feeling of friendship. Even if the person has done just a little good but not a wonder, be very generous in appreciation. Do not forget that your encouragement can lift the person even higher.

Criticism, if required must be positive, ethical and within the limits of decency. It must never be just for the sake of criticism. If it comes to disapproval, better don’t do it at all but if for some reason you are drawn to do so, be as brief as you possibly can. Do not stretch it too far because the effects will be totally opposite of appreciation. Praise generates positivity but criticism attracts negativity. Remember that demeaning others does not earn goodwill and it is very easy to create enemies but not easy to make friends.

Be generaous in appreciation and praise for someone but try not to demean others

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  1. Wery well phrased and analysed , this is really common in our culture specially we are not use to of appreciating good things but criticising and easy task any body can do

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