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Practical Help and Suggestion

We very frequently come across situations where a friend, relative or a near one opens his heart to us and talks of his problems. That is when the person indirectly asks for practical help or workable suggestion but mostly we find it very convenient to just listen, wish him good luck and walk away.

At times we give suggestions or offer sympathies without considering that the person actually needs help not merely a suggestion or meaningless sympathy. This suggestion thing is also done as a favor. Since helping entails some effort and time and may be even a bit of money, we try to find excuses to get away. The most common and flimsy excuse is of being busy.

If for a while, we place ourselves in the situation of the other person and think of whether he needs help or suggestion we would know the requirement. If he needs help, we must help as far as possible. It should never be forgotten that we too can need help because no body is immune to it. If in a situation when we need help, a friend walks away offering few words of sympathy to us, how would that sound, is not difficult to feel. So help the others practically, not by just word of mouth.

Practical help to others is more important than just words of sympathy