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Power of Sound: Effects on Relationships, Life and Future

Sound is the first, most widely used, most important and most powerful language of human beings and animals right from the moment of birth. When we speak, we actually produce various sounds from our mouths and convey our thoughts to others.

Every spoken language comprises a set of sounds, which have meanings attached to various sounds. The person who understands and knows a particular set of sounds is said to know that language. When we speak, we produce sounds of varying tones and volumes to convey our thoughts and even our feelings but sounds are used not just for communication. Whether produced by mouth, instruments or other sources, they have their effects far beyond what is commonly thought of. All sounds produced by any source are received and recorded by the universe, which in turn acts (or reacts) and produces the results accordingly. According to nature of the sound, the effects can be short lived, far reaching, immediate or delayed. It is no longer a secret that sounds of certain frequencies can demolish even the buildings and bridges. Noise is also one of the atmospheric pollutants creating mental illnesses in humans but this short article is not about these aspects of sounds. Please read on.

The effects of some sounds are unimportant or negligible but effects of those produced for communication to human beings are instant. Sounds meant for Nature may take a while before the results can be felt. The sounds of particular tones and volumes thus act as the tool not only to communicate, affect relationships but also to bring good or bad into our lives. They have tremendous constructive as well as destructive power. Thus, inappropriate use of sounds can deeply affect anyone’s life. So, be careful with what sounds you produce particularly from your mouth even when you are alone. Be careful in choice of words, tone and volume that you use for other human beings especially for the universe and your own self. They can affect your relations, life and future.

Sounds have tremendous constructive as well as destructive power. Be careful with what sounds you produce.