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Personal Conduct, Fate and Troubles

Many people remain unhappy with many things in their lives and feel that they are in some kind of trouble all the time and wonder who is actually responsible for their troubles. They frequently blame and even curse their relatives, friends, colleagues, circumstances and fate etc. and believe that they are right in what they do but wonder why the troubles still come to them. In most cases they also believe that it is their destiny to stay troubled but that is not the reality. They are not aware that this mindset only multiplies the problems. One needs to look for the real cause and take remedial measures.

Actually it is the conduct and thoughts of the person that matter. Negative qualities and character traits such as jealousy, hate, enmities, greed, dissatisfaction, undue worries, undue anger, fear, cheating, stealing, fraud, illegitimate earnings, misbehaving, disrespect for others including children and elders, back biting, rudeness, arrogance, willful violation of laws etc. send negative messages to the subconscious. According to the law of attraction, such messages produce definite effects and sooner or later only bring the troubles and disaster of varying nature and magnitude. This is absolutely natural. We all know that if you sow a cactus, what you reap will be a cactus not a mango tree. What you sow, so shall you reap is the unchangeable law of nature. Negativity will always beget negativity and positivity will always beget positivity. The results will be according to conduct and thoughts of the person no matter who he/she is and where he/she lives. Unethical conduct gives birth to many diseases and countless other problems. This is how the law of attraction works. That is why it is said that we are responsible for what happens to us but common tendency is to blame others for own mistakes. The worst is that such fellows don’t accept their mistakes even when pointed out. If you try to advise them, they not only react indecently but also try to justify themselves with flimsy and silly arguments. Such person does not change his thought pattern and conduct and does not let his matters improve positively. He remains in some kind of trouble all the time and spends his life complaining, crying and cursing and finally dies and disappears in the dark valleys of anonymity.

Nature demands that we should be positive, live a simple life as far as possible and avoid violating laws of nature otherwise all sorts of troubles will come. Please remember that "what you send, comes back to you". This is one of the explanations of law of attraction. There is no way to be happy with negative thoughts and conduct. This is why there is lot of emphasis on moral values in all religions and belief systems. So review your lifestyle and see if anything needs to be modified.

Most we are responsible for our troubles. Analyze your conduct before blaming others

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