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Past, Present and Future

Past, present and future are such periods of life that are viewed and explained in many different ways. Whatever be the explanation, practically the mind remains in one of these times but mostly either roams around in the past recalling events, stories and emotions or weaves the future. It hardly ever stays in the present. Even if it does, the stay is very brief; mostly just few moments exactly like a cursory glance on something in our way on the road and then moves on.

Past is a period of life that never returns. God Almighty has made our life in an irreversible way. Journey of life can neither be physically retraced nor started once again. What is done is done, what is seen is seen; only memories of the past stay in our minds. Even if someone wants to go back, he can do so only mentally, never physically, and this is what we keep doing the whole day.

To err is human. One makes countless mistakes of varying magnitude during the life span; some can be undone but many cannot be. Even if one makes up for the mistake, it is not possible to go back and wash it off as if never happened. Whatever happens becomes part of irrevocable history. Therefore, staying absorbed in the past is futile and can easily cause depression, not relaxation and peace of mind. Those who pick up the courage to break out of their egoist shell, accept their mistakes and ask for forgiveness, set their foot on the path of calmness, serenity, peace and balance. Those who don’t, are a good source of income for the psychiatrists. Surfing the Internet looking for techniques of happiness is not the answer. The first thing to be done is to look within, through mind and soul; seeking guidance through external means is the next step, not the first.

The reality of future is somewhat different. It is nothing more than illusion. What we call future does not actually exist because it never comes as future. When it comes, it comes as present. What is now our present, one time it was the future but now that it has come, it has come as our present, not future. Not realizing this hard fact, we keep planning and struggling for better future ruining our present, the future that may never come. This goes on and on and this is how we spend tension ridden life, devoid of real satisfaction and contentment. The only motive is "better future". There is not even an idea far and near that future is only an imaginary period of life that would only come as present and how would that be, is never definite.

Now if we come to think of it, we have no control over either past or future. The time that has passed cannot be changed, and what is going to come is not in our control. Even if it is, it is very limited, never unlimited. So then what to do? This is quite a lengthy topic but brief answer to this short question is, "Continue your struggle but don’t make it a punishment for yourself. Submit to God, be thankful and happy with what you got and be satisfied with it; don’t cry for what you don’t. Don’t brood about what is beyond your control".

All this is easier said than done but is worth trying anyway. Initially, it would not be easy but with passage of time, it would become a habit leading to peace and harmony. Those who can manage to be content and happy are the real rich, not those who try to pile up pieces of paper and metal in the name of wealth, which is more useful to others after them. So it is your choice to remain in historical past, illusionary future or the realities of present. It is your life; how you treat yourself is your choice.

Past is history, future is illusion but present is reality


  1. Respecred Sir,
    absolute internal n eternal satisfaction is only in obedience of Allah subhana n following the sunnah wjich gives us contentment n internal erase mistakes of past is only seeking repentance n forgiveness Allah subhana o taala n for a muslim future is just akhira
    I feel good you always touch sensitive n ethical issues
    stay blessed u n all

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