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Using Reiki to Cure Depression

Depression is not a viral or bacterial disease. It is a state of mind and may have various causes but generally results from persistent negative thought pattern. It may also be the result of feelings of helplessness after deep disappointment. The cause may be specific to the individual. The person may have lots of justifications for a particular state of mind but the fact remains that treatment of depression needs basic changes in the thought pattern. There are several relaxation techniques, Reiki being one of those ... read more

What is personal development?

Happiness lies in success and success lies in developing oneself according to one’s passion and priorities. Personal development can be broadly categorized in development of physical health, mental and emotional health, financial health, relationships, education, talents and potential and quality of life in general. I have missed out spiritual development because this is altogether a different field and requires a different mindset and priorities. All aspects of life require different kind of effort while some of them are also interrelated ... read more