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Articles about Reiki, Personal development and related topics

Is Real Happiness Possible?

It is now well known fact that our thoughts create realities for us. What we generate around ourselves depends mainly on how we think, what we speak and how we conduct ourselves. Our attitude and behavior generates vibrations of low or high frequencies that ultimately transform themselves into physical, emotional or mental symptoms and appear as health or disease, calmness or depression, pleasantness or ill temperedness, good or bad relationships, various kinds of troubles and losses or gains and so on. At times overall atmosphere of the society also creates unhappiness but right now we are discussing for what we are responsible directly. ... read more

Trust Vs Mistrust

Human relations are very delicate and fragile. The element of trust or mistrust is very important in personal relations. Every one of us has family and friends comprising human beings whom we trust. One should never indicate lack of trust on anyone without solid reasons. Even in business matters, everyone can neither be trusted blindly nor mistrusted without adequate reasoning ... read more

The Focus of my Blog

Some one might or might not believe in life hereafter but still cannot deny that no human being lives forever. Even in this world, the system of reward and punishment exists in all the cultures and societies and lot of emphasis is laid on good conduct. It must be remembered that to emphasis the importance of good conduct is not the responsibility of just the religious leaders and teachers; it is the responsibility of all of us. Believing that I too have this responsibility ... read more

Reiki Practice and Reiki History

As long as Mrs. Hawayo Takata was alive, Reiki history narrated by her was taken as true but after she died in 1980, many aspects have been questioned and are still being debated. Such points include the exact date of Dr. Usui’s meditation, whether or not he was a doctor and whether he learned from someone else etc ... read more

Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudice is like a poison for any community. Be it region, politics or racism, if prejudice and discrimination prevail, one starts to lose the difference between right and wrong or good and bad, visionary approach diminishes, and rather than using the wisdom and doing justice one tends to give priority to emotions and discrimination ... read more

Can I Learn Reiki Myself?

Reiki can be easily and quickly learned from a Reiki teacher but if someone wishes to acquire the ability through personal effort, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The question is that if Dr. Usui could do it himself why others cannot do it. The answer is “surely they can”. Dr. Usui worked for years to find how to do it and finally succeeded. You may do the same ... read more

Can Reiki Break Black Magic?

Black magic is a reality but neither everyone is victim nor every trouble is due to magic. Most of the troubles of a person are the result of his own negative thought pattern and conduct but it usually doesn’t even occur to him. Very few know that most of the diseases are also the result of negative thoughts and conduct. Along with appropriate treatment, one should also honestly review personal behavior and conduct and take corrective measures where required or else magic or no magic the troubles are likely to continue ... read more

Survival in Profession

Be it a job or personal business, everyone desires and needs to not only survive but also progress and flourish. Even the professionals and service providers face competition. The question is who survives and moves ahead. What is the formula for success? If you are a professional, running your own business or providing service of some kind, the formula of “efficiency” still applies. You have to be efficient and reliable to float ahead of your competitors. Make efficiency your strength for survival or be prepared ... read more

What is True Success?

Success means different to different persons. Everyone defines it in his/her own way. Some measure it by material gains while some value ethics and dignity more than material gains. There are others who keep the purpose of life in view and spend their life differently. True success is the one that is achieved by working hard within the bounds of ethics and law. Successful life is the one that has honor, dignity and credibility ... read more

Personal Conduct, Fate and Troubles

Many people remain unhappy with many things in their lives and feel that they are in some kind of trouble all the time and wonder who is actually responsible for their troubles. They frequently blame and even curse their relatives, friends, colleagues, circumstances and fate etc. and believe that they are right in what they do but wonder why the troubles still come to them. In most cases they also believe that it is their destiny to stay troubled, which is not true ... read more