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Articles about Reiki, Personal development and related topics

Is Reiki Real? Does Reiki Actually Exist?

Most of the non-physical energies don’t at all meet the measure of our five senses. That is why we either tend to disbelieve their existence or perceive them different to what they actually are. In certain cases, their perception alone doesn’t help much. It requires experience with those to know their effects and utility. This is the case with Reiki as well. Like most other energies, Reiki energy also doesn’t meet the measure of our five senses but that doesn’t make it non-existent ... read more

Intelligence and Wisdom

Intelligence is commonly associated with good memory. An intelligent person has the ability to quickly understand the techniques, intricacies and complications. It is however, not necessary that an intelligent person would be considerate as well. He might even be totally opposite. Being intelligent is one thing but being wise is another ... read more

Reward and Punishment

God created the human being for a purpose. Many people in the world view this life in isolation but actually it is not so. They talk of personal freedom, human rights and freedom of expression etc. but ignore the reality that there is no freedom without the law. There are two sets of law; one made by humans for themselves and the other made by God who wants His creature to abide by those laws and obviously does not like violations but as the human nature is, violations are quite frequent ... read more

Understand Your Religion

We all need to understand our religion correctly. Remember that anything we do against the will of God is our own responsibility and it is we who will have to face the consequences. So learning and understanding your religion, learning the true and original teachings of whichever religion or faith system you follow is very important. Do not blindly believe what others tell you and don’t be mislead. Try to use your God given wisdom to choose between good and evil and avoid being the slave of your desires or wrong persuasions ... read more

Disappointment and Depression: Get Rid of Depression Naturally

Depression is said to have many causes including biological and psychological causes, stress, grief and trauma etc. but basically, depression is a state of mind, which can result from many factors of diverse nature. If the mind is left on its own and is allowed to think of failures continuously or at least frequently, it begins to generate negative energy field inside and around the body, which gradually translates itself in to physical symptoms appearing as changes in behavior at first but ultimately affecting the physical health and nearly all systems of the body ... read more

Discussion vs Argument

Main purpose of discussion is to exchange views and benefit from each other’s knowledge. Argument is generally aimed at impressing others, prove one-self right and demean the other. Generally, this is the product of inflated ego, closed or narrow mindedness and the aim is not to prove what is right but to prove who is right. At times people use foul language just to express their hatred and disapproval and use worst possible words for the opponents. Unfortunately, this has become quite common ... read more

Discrimination: Does Nature Discriminate?

Nature has its own laws and neither discriminates nor takes dictation from human beings. It follows its own course without discrimination. Whichever way the humans go, Nature doesn’t change its laws, be it reward for something good or punishment for a bad deed. It is tremendously erroneous to believe that people get caught due to mistakes but “I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t make any mistake”. This is what most criminals think but eventually they do get caught and suffer ... read more

Using Reiki Symbols for Self Treatment

Principally, no symbol is taught in Reiki first degree because it is not required. The emphasis is on self-treatment by hands-on methods on a regular basis. Since no symbol is taught at this level, question of its use does not arise. The confusion probably exists among those who are taught Power symbol in First Degree without adequate explanation and backup knowledge. Every Reiki symbol has a purpose, which must be understood. The use depends on requirement ... read more

Does Reiki Affect Everyone Equally?

All human beings are not alike. Except for the anatomy part, they are all unique and different in every way. Due to many factors, everyone’s body does not accept the energy alike. Therefore, results of Reiki treatment cannot be similar in all cases especially in the same time span. Some will respond earlier than others and their feelings during and after the treatment would also differ. Such difference however, does not mean that Reiki is good for some and bad for others ... read more

Natural Healing

Natural healing is a wide term and can be interpreted according to individual understanding. There are two types of healing systems, one with physical medication and the other with non-physical treatment. Natural healing is generally understood as the one that is done or occurs naturally without using means like physical medicines etc. and includes various systems ... read more