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Articles about Reiki, Personal development and related topics

Hospitality and Guest Treatment

History tells us that in olden days people used to be very hospitable and used to care for the guest as much as they could. In tribal life hospitality used to be part of their culture. Arabian tribes were especially known to be very hospitable. In tribal areas of Pakistan, it is still a part of their unwritten traditions. The guests are offered the best possible food and comfort for… ... read more

What is Good Personality?

A good human being has lots of good qualities not restricted to just few that I am going to talk about. Everyone wants not only to be popular, respected and peaceful but also known as trustworthy. The desire is fine but these things do not come automatically and are not the domain of some particular class. Anyone can be a good human being irrespective of class or color. However, one… ... read more

Reiki is Simple Healing System

Lot of people all over the world feel impressed by complicated and mysterious procedures. They think if the procedure is complicated, it would be more effective. In other words, simple procedures and simple things are not believed easily. Keeping this psyche in mind, clever ones take advantage of it and make simple things complicated.

It is not necessary that if the procedure is complicated it would definitely give better… ... read more

Becoming a good Reiki healer

A frequently asked question is, “How can I become a good Reiki healer”? The answer is very simple, “Practice it as much as you can”. Regular use of Reiki cleanses and widens the energy channels, which enables them to carry larger amounts of energy. This is what a Reiki healer should have but it does not automatically come with attunements. One must use the energy or else it would be ... read more

From Birth to Death (Cry to Silence)

Birth and death are two ends of life, the two extremes. One end is the beginning and other end is the end. If you think of it, you would find that the human being is helpless at both extremes. Every child is born as a helpless creature. There is nothing that he can do himself except crying. He cannot eat with his own hands, cannot clean himself and cannot even… ... read more

Bird Shooting for Pleasure

Birds and animals are also living beings and part of our life. All of them deserve and need our love and kind attention. We should not restrict our kindness to just our families, friends and pets. If you can sense the spirit behind this article and perceive what I am trying to say, don’t shoot the animals. If you are a hunter, please put down your gun because this is no entertainment ... read more

Reiki: A Serious Healing System

Reiki is not a pass-time hobby. It is a serious healing modality that aims at healing and personal development. It also deepens one’s awareness about life and people sometimes undergo even spiritual experiences with it. It is frequently used to heal ailments, reduce stress level and improve relationships, which definitely is something not to be taken casually ... read more

Practical Help and Suggestion

We very frequently come across situations where a friend, relative or a near one opens his heart to us and talks of his problems. That is when the person indirectly asks for help or workable suggestion but mostly we find it very convenient to listen, wish him good luck and walk away ... read more

Friendship and Mutual Respect Vs Prejudice

I visited Louisville KY in last week of August 2015 and met many people at private and public places. Some of them asked questions about Islam, Pakistani culture and customs etc. but without even a trace of prejudice, hatred or suspicion; that was just for information. My religion was not an issue for them and similarly their religion did not bother me. My eating habits were different to theirs but they took special care to avoid what my religion does not allow me to eat or drink ... read more

Likes, Dislikes and Ethics

Everyone around us has his or her own individual thought pattern, which might not always be very palatable for us. It is not mandatory for any of us to agree or disagree with everyone or anyone. People have their own priorities and they work for their cause whatever that might be while we work for ours. In case of disagreement, one need not feel provoked to unleash a stream of unhealthy criticism. Unfortunately, at times people become bitter ... read more