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Articles about Reiki, Personal development and related topics

Expectations of Others

Most of us worry about what others think of us and try to live up to the expectations of others particularly our boss, parents, spouse, friends and those who matter to us because nearly all of them expect us to act their way. By doing so, we fight a battle against our own selves that goes on and on but is it really required and possible to meet expectations of… ... read more

Memories of Past – Remember Good Things

Every one of us has good and bad memories. How those memories affect us and should be treated has been abundantly explained by scholars in various ways under the famous Law of Attraction. One advice says "remember good things of the past and be proud of those", while another says "forget about the past and move ahead". Both are fine and interwoven.

Apparently all the… ... read more

Encouragement Vs Discouragement

Have you ever thought why the spectators buck up their players on the play field? It is because cheering up creates victorious feelings in the players. The lesson is that if a person is encouraged, his whole thought pattern changes. His talent and performance start shining leading him to victory not just on the play field but also in the race of life. He is sure to become a victorious… ... read more

Receiving Reiki Attunement: Is it Enough?

When we learn to do something, it is only a beginning NOT an end or ultimate. It requires lot of work after learning the basics. For example, one does not become a great painter by just learning to hold the brush. So is the case with Reiki. Just receiving reiki attunement do not make a person a good Reiki healer.

Attunement is the beginning, not an end in themselves… ... read more

Be Happy and Positive

This is quite a common advice that many people give to others. It sounds very nice but is it always practicable for everyone? Practically, happiness may mean different to different persons depending on several factors.

Life is not the same for everyone. Nature has not distributed everything equally. Without getting in to the cause and logic of inequality, bitter fact is that hunger, poverty, sickness and above all the… ... read more

Happiness: Socializing vs Solitude

Bertrand Russell has mentioned the importance of solitude in Chapter 4 of his book "The Conquest of Happiness" and has mentioned few names of great thinkers who after working a lot in their life preferred to stay at home rather than socializing and that is when they became happier. He wrote this book in the beginning of last century, first published in 1930.

Anyone could differ with Bertrand Russell… ... read more

Glamour Vs Simplicity

Glamour is more attractive than simplicity. Nearly everyone seems drawn to it. People want to look better than others, have everything more than others and live better life than others in general. They want to show others that they are better human beings, which is not always true.

Glamour does not come the easy way – one has to work for it. It entails plenty of "extra hard work&quot… ... read more

Reiki Hand Positions

In Reiki First Degree (Level-1) course, the students are taught a certain set of hand positions that might vary from teacher to teacher. It is quite simple without any complications, yet, at times students from other Reiki lineages ask me for clarifications, which should not be required if they are trained properly. The count of hand positions differs with different teachers but is generally between 14 and 18. Whatever be… ... read more

Speaking, Writing and Criticism

Everyone thinks and has ideas but majority does not write and share views because general impression is that if you speak or write, some will appreciate, some will oppose and you may have to face disagreements, criticism, mindless and irrelevant remarks and even earn enemies, may be even plenty of them. If you keep quiet, listen and read only, you will have none of it. Since none wants opposition and… ... read more