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Needs and Desires

Needs and desires are part of us. We all need many things for living irrespective of race, color and geographical location etc. that are called basic needs. In addition to basic human needs, everyone has plenty of desires too. Some of those are genuine, some are not. Needs always have a limit but desires are endless. Effort to meet genuine desires is fine but pursuit of non essentials is different.

Everyone desires a comfortable and respectable living but has his own definition of respectable living. It is not uncommon to pile up desires and call them needs particularly when it comes to social status. That is when needs and desires are mixed up. It is important to differentiate between the two. For example, a person needs a reasonably good car to move around but desires to own the most expensive one so that he can boast around and impress others; needs a house where his family could live comfortably but builds a house as big as a palace; struggles to pile up money so that he could be called a rich person and so on. In the run, he desires even those things that he genuinely does not need. This pursuit of desires taxes his health and ruins his present for what is not essential for a comfortable and respectable living. This is done to satisfy the ego, not the needs. If one does not differentiate between desires and needs, he dies with regrets that he could not get such and such thing or could not do what he wanted to. The fact he forgets is that there is no limit to desires; even kings cannot meet of theirs.

None can get or achieve everything in lifetime. There is no point in running after things that we don’t genuinely need and making our life miserable by filling it up with tension. There are other things in life that need our time and attention. It is always better to prioritize our needs and desires, lead a simpler life and pay attention to matters that merit our attention more, before it is too late.

Differentiate between needs and desires