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Discrimination: Does Nature Discriminate?

Human mind always weaves plans to achieve his goals. Such goals and plans could be positive or negative. Positive purposes usually require simple and straight planning, hard work and implementation but negative purposes require intricate planning. During planning, the person studies precedence (if any) to see what mistakes were made by predecessors in the same field and makes modifications where required. He thinks himself very wise, ignores the laws of nature and believes that "he wouldn’t make any mistake and therefore wouldn’t get caught". This is the first step where he goes wrong.

Nature has its own laws but no discrimination. Nature neither discriminates nor takes dictation from human beings. It does not take sides. It follows its own course without discrimination. Whichever way the humans go, Nature doesn’t change its laws, be it reward for something good or punishment for a bad deed. It is tremendously erroneous to believe that people get caught due to mistakes but "I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t make any mistake". This is what most criminals think but eventually they do get caught and suffer.

One must know and believe that no human being is wiser or stronger than Nature. If it were possible, the world would lose its balance. It is better to stay on the right path, do whatever good is within means and receive the reward from the Nature accordingly. "What we send comes back to us" is definite and unchangeable law of nature. We cannot go against it, through any means or exercise. Remember that this law doesn’t discriminate.

Laws of Nature are same for everyone. Nature does not discriminate