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Natural Healing

Health and sickness are part of human life ever since the beginning. Upon falling sick, it is natural to desire quick recovery and restoration of health. Therefore, exploring and using the available means is also quite natural.

Natural healing is a wide term and can be interpreted according to individual understanding. There are two types of healing systems, one with physical medication and the other with non-physical treatment. Natural healing is generally understood as the one that is done or occurs naturally without using means like physical medicines etc. and includes various systems.

With the advancement in medical science, new medicines have been and are being continuously introduced. Those medicines have their own benefits and side effects. It is due to those side effects (and expenses) that the tendency to use the natural systems is growing but more often than not, the choice of a healing system is dictated by nature and gravity of the ailment. For minor ailments, one can depend on natural healing ability of the body skipping regular medication and letting the body heal itself but for major ailments, it would not be wise to let the things take their own course.

Human body has the inbuilt healing system, the system of self-repair and recovery. This is the first and most natural healing that takes place but is slower in manifestation. The pain and other related hardships continue till recovery. One can safely leave minor ailments to this system but for major diseases, proper medication becomes necessary for which one may choose an appropriate healing system. It is fine to consider using natural healing system but the choice would be primarily governed by the nature of the disease, requirement of the body and your choice of course.

There are several non-physical or natural healing systems to choose from. Reiki is one of such systems that do not involve the use of any equipment, machine or medicine. It uses the natural energy. One can learn to use it and carry out self-treatment or receive the healing sessions from a Reiki practitioner.