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Mother Earth and Our Relationship

What a beautiful name it is for our planet, Mother Earth. More I think of it, more I like it rather love it. I do not know who gave this name but whoever he or she was, was a very thoughtful and wise person. Perhaps there could not be a better name for it.

We depend on our Mother Earth for every need of our physical body, almost like a baby who depends on his mother for everything – for food, clothing, cleaning, medicine and everything else that his physical body needs. Here I am deliberately omitting his non-physical needs that his mother fulfills.

Looking at what we get from our Mother Earth, I do not find a single thing that our physical bodies need and we don’t find it here. Our entire food stuff to keep us alive comes from earth. Similarly, the clothing that we make to cover our bodies and to protect us from different weather conditions, the medicines to meet our health needs, our houses, furniture, machinery of all kinds that we make to facilitate ourselves and everything else that we use is made of the material that comes from Mother Earth. It is our virtual mother for our physical life and we have unbreakable relationship with it.

This entire system and life on earth is not by accident. It is part of grand design of Creator of the universe. We and our planet are only a tiny part of this gigantic, unfathomable universe. Yet, despite the smaller size of our planet, Creator of the universe calls us the best of His creatures. This is a great honor God has given us.

Here the question is what we can or should do in return? Factually, we cannot reciprocate and do something equally matching. It is impossible because we are just a creature with plenty of limitations. All that we can do is to be thankful to our Mother Earth but more than that to God who created it and for everything else He has given us and is still giving despite all our disobediences and vices. God be praised! Give it a thought for a while and see what your inner self says.

Lastly and importantly, since we are dependent on this Mother Earth for our living, which is also the final resting place of all of us, it is essential to establish a direct connection whenever we can. To do so, put your bare feet on natural ground for some time every day. This will not only maintain the connection, but will also let the Mother Earth take your negative/unwanted energy away and help you in staying healthy.

Establish and maintain in contact with Mother Earth